Update? Maintenance?

After being burned twice now, why would I ever add a mod, or try and do a backup, if it causes the game to be down for extended periods of time? I mean, one tiny mod and the server is unplayable for hours?

Who is this aimed towards? What is this even about?

Im guessing I should put this on a g-portal site, lol.

Oh. misunderstood. Its an issue with Gportal. Different story there.

How long is typical? I guess I should do that stuff at night right before bed, lesson learned.

Well, I assumed that. Mods and backups take forever, would it not be their issue?

This is the forums for the base game. If you’re having gportal issues, it would be best to take that to gportal. If you’re having issues with mods, that’s the risk of modding the game. Posting “feedback” here is aiming at nobody it would affect

Which is what I said after the first reply and realized my mistake.

Most times, depending on size of mod of course, only takes a few minutes to load the mods on to the server.

If a mod updated, sometimes Gportal takes a bit to get the newer version of the mod. Sometimes 10-15 minutes if its a very big one. I think its because it has to download it multiple times for each and every server that has it, so it may get into a queue.

Overall, shouldn’t take too long. I reset one of my other servers (no mod updates) but replaced mods and was up within minutes. Granted, only added 1 large mod and 1 other mid-sized mod. It all depends how many and how large the mods are. (Removed 4 mods in the process)

One added note, it does happen on a rare occasion, you may need Gportal to fix the issue, where it does not update properly, recognize a mod or update the mod. Good luck.

Thanks much for the advice, I am fairly new to this, so its super helpful!

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