Why is this even a thing?

Why did I get kicked from an official server to update my game and then once I update the official server isn’t even updated. 40/40 people are still online. how come i’m the only one who crashed to try and force me to update my game. How long does official server take to shut down and update? I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere because they don’t even bother giving a warning that you’re about to get kicked. It just doesn’t make any sense why this happened to me and no one else. Is there a way to downgrade my version or did they just screw 4 hours of my progress…? How come they are allowed to force you to update your game to play and then when you do their own servers aren’t even updated so you can’t play. you would think they would turn the servers off and update the second everyone gets an update message. Been playing for 8 hours now and I’m worse off than I was before starting today. countless deaths that result in my body disappearing and me having to start over. I finally upgrade to heavy armor and a nice weapon and bam 3 minutes later im doing stuff and force update happens. rip 4 hours of additional work. At least give us a timer warning so everyone can get somewhere safe instead of losing all their progress.

It is not just you same thing for me
Now it is showing 9999 ping aswell so i supose no one is playing atm

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Do you have the invalid server option marked?

Invalid servers show as full and 9999 ping. As of now i can only see 2 servers that are valid. My own is still invalid after being updated (g-portal hosted, same as official servers)

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