Ps4 20 slot looking for more small groups of friends

Hello ! Currently running a small 20 person US West PvP server that is password locked. Would like to invite a few smaller groups of friends that would like to not have any full server issues.
For the most part it is a pure server besides a quick night, and some xp bonuses for slaying mons (And pvp). Would like to incorporate a night for battles or even a Coliseum type brawl we could coordinate. If any of that seems interesting were pretty friendly and play often enough. Reply here with how many yall got and if we jive I’ll let yall in on the password.

Hello!! Two friends and I are looking for a server to play on casually. We are adults on the west coast and we have known each other and been gaming together most of our lives…we haven’t done any pvp yet, but would love to try in a grief free environment.

Sweet, what’s your psn I’ll send ye a message

Level7fighter. The other two are saowave and hairystamper. I won’t be back on till tomorrow night, and won’t get to have any real fun till the weekend. But the other two might even be playing now.

Cool, I’m bout to head in to bed. But I’ll send yall the info tomorrow .