PS4 Anniversary Patch (08.05.2019) - Sunken City, Capitals revamp, Witch Doctor fear and more!

It is ok ps4 loading so slowly you may be playing before us. Have fun out there

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I already loding the patch 21 gb for x box

Happy Anniversary and thnxz for the update

I am now back on, building was still broken. But new problem
None of my Thralls are eating or holding food!!! Anyone else got this problem?

How big is this patch for others. Mine is saying 42gb on PS4 pro but my 2 other roommates patch is only 14gb on og PS4?

Just installed have fun. Shame we can’t cross consoles.

Thralls do not need food since March’s big patch, in which the hunger system was disabled. Now they take all food in their inventory and convert it into a 1h damage buff.


Ok thank you

PS4 Pro /online Pve/ multiple servers EU/US
No ingame music for me after Anniversary patch.
Music is regularly set on in settings, works on menu screen, but not audible during gameplay.
All other sounds work “properly”.

I’m trapped! After anniversary update I CAN’T CLIMB I’m now stuck in the passage (not a euphemism) HALP. Also repair is no longer and option as now my torch has run out so I’m stuck, in the dark… Surrounded by spiders


Hey everybody,

There’s a known issue in this patch. If you choose PVE-Conflict in the server mode selection screen, no servers will show up. You should select all servers, then filter by official using the browser filter instead.

This should make readjusting aim sensitivity everytime I play a lot less tedious. I would still prefer a permanent fix to it resetting everytime I close the game, but this is a good start. Thanks :slight_smile:

What about no servers populating the server list what so ever. Been happening for a few days now. That’s not just a little bug, it’s a game breaker when you have individuals who cannot play the game at all!

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In game settings not working, as soon as you back out all options reset

No loading indicator on load screen anymore

Edit to clarify, been running my own solo/coop server and had custom settings, the patch had reset all to default so i made myself admin to set back but everytime i back out the settings tab everything resets back to default


When are we getting in game chat ? So we can type and the server sees it, it allows for a community environment

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Never, they think it’s too hard

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I can not open the doors any more underwater

same here…

How much bombs?

Awesome update keep em coming, but one question. How exactly does the new Thrall/Pets - food/decay system work? Are Thrall pots and Feed boxes now useless? Is feeding now something we don’t even need to think about? How/Where do we see a thrall/pets current decay?

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