[PS4] Anvil of Crom RP PVP

New PVP RP Server for PS4

Admin Shop with Bronze coin currency. Bronze Coins earned for good in game roleplay and discord storytelling as well as at Admin run events.

Map Rooms at Obelisks

Admin Fortress in the Volcanoe for the daring or foolish clan! Full of Treasure but guarded by deadly opponents!

Double Experience Double Harvest Double Encumberance Server Events and a Discord

Offline Raiding, Rewards for RP raiding details in Discord. Our first Event is tonight March 6th at 9pm Est!

No Ban Policy. Our Group of players was banned from several RP servers simply for raiding and I started this server with a hatred for over reactive Admins using bans to punish players. Only issue I can see that would cause me to engage as the Admin would be hate speech. Even then I choose Respectful Polite dialogue and Base wiping as my last resort, not Banning. This is a Game and It already has rules I dont need to micromanage it or get involved in every player dispute. Tough Players with a love of the game sought!

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