[PS4] BRANCH-CLAN RECRUITMENT: The New Hyborean Empire

Have a clan of 10 running on a roleplaying server called “ROLEPLAYING A New Direction RP/Some PVP” on ps4. We have a base up and running near Sepermeru and have control over the entire western region. Currently we are looking to build a branch clan and need spaces to fill with 10 active people. The first to join the cause will be outfitted as the leader of the clan.

If you want to join then please contact:

xXStarWaveXx on psn or
StarWave #3040 on discord.
Or write a comment on this post and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

This server has a discord channel for those who are invested in the roleplay and to join please click the link below.
discord link: https://discord.gg/DQwkV6n

Thank you.

Looking to get back into conan exiles but need the people to play it with , I know the concept of everything in the game and how to progress with silent legion armour and everything else so would be cool if I could join you guys :slight_smile:

Hey, that would be awesome, but do you plan to play the game regularly? We’ve had problems before that people don’t play regularly and the clan just goes to the ground. I would happily accept your proposition if you do ascribe to that. And also it’s a roleplaying server and needs to be treated as such, pvpers as we like to call them are not allowed because they disrupt the roleplay and ruin the game experience for others. If you understand.

My psn is xXStarWaveXx, friendrequest me there and I’ll talk to you there.