[PS4 EU UK] War of The Kingdoms [RP-PVP] 2x XP 3x Harvest


Looking for RP-PVP PS4 server based in EU with community-driven experience?
We welcome everyone to new, fresh server War of The Kingdoms!

War of The Kingdoms London based PS4 RP-PVP server offers players great immersion in barbarian world with war of four great kingdoms!

Server settings:
2x XP
3x Harvest
Weekend Structure PVP
Shorter Nights
Slightly Faster Crafting

Active admins with regular events are here for you to enjoy your stay!
Join the kingdom and fight for your king or challenge your king and become one!
Monthly tournaments where winner is eligible to challenge the kings for their crown or choose another reward.

Join our Discord, read the rules and join your kingdom!

See you on battlefield!