The 7 Kingdoms RP (Community Server) (PS4) (RP)

The 7 Kingdoms RP

Build your own kingdom or join one and trade or wage war with others in a friendly enviornment! We offer alot of events and help for new players to get started, just let us know what you need in the discord.

  • Friendly Staff

  • Custom War Rules

  • Work Friendly

  • Player made polls to make server or discord changes

  • Random scenarios every week (change of settings)

  • RP at your own pace

  • PvP and PvE events

  • Weekly server meetings

Settings: (PS4) fast thrall/craft (not insta) 5x harvest and xp, drop on death, water and food wont kill you while your afk or offline.

So if you want to join the server or have any questions come check out the discord: