PS4 Gportal needs some assistance please. thanx

Game mode: Multiplayer, PS4
Problem: Options don’t work, missing descriptions, wrong descriptions, stuff u can only change if u log into the server, options reset every time you stop and start a server
Region: Gportal

1: Stamina cost and enabling/disabling land claim notifications reset every time a server is stopped and restarted. I thought for sure this would have been fixed after the update…it isn’t. Why? Gportal needs an option for these 2 settings to be saved to the server and not require the admin to log into the game and change it every time. Please assist them on how to fix the problem which has been a problem for a long time.

2: So many stamina settings now after the new update. The only one that works is the one that keeps resetting when the server stops and is restarted. Why? If none of em work, just tell gportal not to list them or tell them to give a discription that the settings do nothing. I was hoping some would work after the update but was quite disappointed that none of them work.

3: There’s been some funk going on with building damage and stuff lately. Today I found out, if build damage is restricted for a certain time during the day and the box for building damage is checked, thralls and pets can be killed 24/7. Killing animals at someones base that are guarding is basically considered raiding on many servers. I don’t want that to occur on my server so I must now manually have to turn building damage on and off every time! Before the update, u could not kill guarding thralls if building damage was off. Only followers or thralls that were scouting could kill or be killed. Why? Was this intended or overlooked? If it was intended, can us server owners have some sort of setting so we don’t have to manually turn damage on and off every time?

  • 3+: You can still damage your own stuff when raid times are over and the box is checked to allow build damage but you cannot damage stuff someone else owns. You cannot place explosives close together on or near a foundation you own but you can place them close on someone elses property. Why? These 2 aren’t a big problem but seems kinda odd. You can’t damage other people’s property but someone in your clan can blow up ur stuff all day long if that build damage box is checked whether or not raid times are on or off.

4: Did I mention not a single stamina setting works? lol Why? So many interesting stamina settings. I want to use them and have them work on the server.

5: Some of the options on Gportal are sdrawkcab (backwards). & others could use better descriptions on what they do.

Durability - one would think less durabillity would be a lower number.
Spoil scale - one would think a bigger number would spoil faster. (description is ok)
ConciousnessDamageMultiplier “Multiplies the amount of damage taken by a thrall while unconscious” - That’s not what that does! It multiplies the amount of concussive damage done to a thrall when the thrall is concious. Increase it and you knock em out faster. Many people don’t know that settings function.

6: Is it at all possible to set the settings in minutes instead of seconds, decay is set to seconds…why? I think it would be a little more user friendly to be calculated in minutes or even days for decay times. It can be a little confusing for new players especially.

Basically, I think u guys need a secret shopper, rent a server from funcom and set it up. Let an employee who is somewhat familiar with the game but has never rented a server from gportal before. Get some input…help others to reduce the headaches and issues and time spent configuring their server…make customers happy.

Communicate with Gportal guys! thanx

P.S. Some of what I describe can’t be too hard to do. A slider here for disabling land claim notifications…an option there for stamina cost (the stamina cost that resets that can only be changed in game). Remove or label settings that don’t work. I am sure it it probably just copied over from the pc version for the gportal panel but it should be different for ps4 make the rental experience a little better for everyone.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Rent a server from funcom and manage your own server

Gportal site can be confusing. The settings could be more user-friendly. I have not been in Gportal site since update making adjustments in game. Stamina is not changing on server reset for us. We could use clearer information for making changes that could make a mess of our servers

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