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[So I was trying to improve my server on US SOUTH on gportal, but appareantly the features to make buildings have more health and receive less damage are broke, I canot help people getting offline raided in my 24/7 server if this does not gets fixed, I am paying 40’dlls a month for broken features? When are you people gonna fix this? I am stressed very stressed]

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@Baldervan first off that is gportal. U could set raiding times. You are always going to have some one raiding while others are offline it blows. Been through this on my server. Leave it at pvp turn building damage off ingame. Then people can only raid when you turn building damage back on. Also you could password protect and only invite trusted members. I have done it both ways. Good luck.

The easiest solution is 2 time stamps.
Player List should have server timestamp so screen shot of who is on when you started raiding.
The event log should be server time, not players local time.

This way, on privates, a screen shot with the player/clan online to the admin will verify it was not offline raiding when comparing it to the timesatmp from the radied clnas event log (what ever is deemed offline by the admin).

That simple to help admins out.

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@WhatMightHaveBeen good idea with time stamp.

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