PS4 issues in framerate, sound, textures

Hello. I’m playing single player, offline, and have had issues with textures loading slowly (or not at all) and some severe drops in framerate at unexpected times. Sounds also often do not synch.

Campaign is regular (not IoS).

Clearing the PS4 cache does not seem to affect issues.

Issues: textures will often not fully load on environment until they are up close and on screen for several seconds. Textures for most pets (panthers, lions, sabretooths) will not load when character is in view, leaving them looking “blobby.” Texture will then load for the character, but when I turn away and turn back, it has returned to its undetailed state.

I am also experiencing severe drops in framerate, most notably when opening and using menus. Sometimes, loading the character screen will cause an 8 to 10 second pause.

Sounds often do no synch, or lag behind, or are simply not present. Most notably during combat, when sounds of battle simply do not happen, or come several seconds late.


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