(PS4) Looking for Server, having trouble finding what we're after

A friend and I have been playing the game for most of our waking hours the past week, but after tiring of just us in the world we started to server hunt. The in-game browser leaves a bit to be desired, and it’s tough to scroll through the forums and click every last recruitment topic. We’ve tried some official servers, but they’re kind of gross just because of the sheer amount of cluttered, sandstone brick cubes that cover the map from the desert to the Highlands. Especially the Highlands.

We’re looking for a server that has an active, but not particularly bustling community, with a few specifics.

  • He’s US East, I’m US West. Would prefer for neither of us to be over ~250 ping
  • 10-20 concurrent users is ideal, though more might also be fine.
  • PvE ideal, PvP acceptable if it’s very anti-griefing - We’re not interested in coming online to find our starting bases destroyed repeatedly
  • RP servers fine, though we’re both entirely new to that kind of scene with this game.
  • Rates anything below ridiculous, 1-5x Exp, 1-3x Resources, 1-2x Thrall Conversion, etc. - I feel you get the idea
  • Normal HP/Stamina/Hunger/Thirst/etc. preferred, could accept slight adjustments if the rest is nice.

We’re both on Discord for any kinds of servers that prefer more direct communication, but otherwise we’ll still be looking for a home in the meantime. Thank you everyone that read this far for your time! We hope to see you in-game soon.

please take a look :), !-PS4! 50 slots American based (all regions welcome)CLANS RECRUITING(10x XP/Resource!) (DLC Store!) (HIGHLY maintained) (FRESH AND CLEAN!) @PVE-C@ (NO BUILD DAMAGE) (ACTIVE ADMIN TEAM) @EVENTS@ !HARD MODE DAY! ) ( GIVE IT A CLICK;) )

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though in all honesty probably set up to easy for your liking.
sorry if i have wasted time for you here :slight_smile: always looking for new players though

Not at all! We did see your server a little earlier in our search, and we’ve kept it in mind just in case the kind of thing we’re looking for doesn’t really exist. Thank you for such a swift suggestion regardless.

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Not a problem!, and best of luck :slight_smile:

Hi Zelas, if you and your friend are still looking for a server then shoot me a message on PSN and I’ll give you details of a new server.

Hey if u are still looking try this one:

Summer is here / 2x / New / Admin / Events / Shop

40 slots, PVP, Very active admin, Active discord aswell, about 40+ on discord.
Average of 10 / 15+ ppl online always.

Pm me on psn for more details - psn: mpcelroy

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https://discord.gg/wCZbuYy Age of Arnold 3x xp 2x crafting and thrall taming no gods 24hr pvp with 5 to 11 weekdays raids 24h weekend raid time we’ve just finished our public market and auction we will hold one auction per week anyone can place things on the auction block with one special item from the admin in game gold coins will be used for currency the winning bid will than go to the server event winner in our arena

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We have a ps4 pve 30 slot that is paid up through the year. We have active admin that mind their business unless you ask. You can join a clan already in game or make your own. We have about 10-20 active players. We do not have discord but do have a community page named Jray. We do have our settings just above the official server settings. We do have it set for group chats through psn and in game. We are US east based. Most of our players are Us. We do have some from other places. If you want more information or are interested message me at jray32363 and I will be glad to answer any questions you have. Also our server is locked to keep out all the rift raft.

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We have a server PVP PS4
Rrikor emporium

There are only three of us in there right now we would like for you to join our server. Our purge meter is at 6 and we have a very active admin we also play most of our waking hours. Our server resets every week on Monday. Join us.

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