PS4 new free open server

Hello there everyone here a new pvp server
server name: official server #0000 (welcome everyone its pvp server without avatars)
server have 40 players slot.

server notes and info

1- server time: CEST Berlin time.
2- pvp time all days: 17:00 to 21:100
3: avatars are disabled
4- harvest amount *3 ( may increase in the future)
5- XP rate X2 (also may increase in the future)
6- purge time 18:00 to 22:00
7- thrall conversion time: reduced to half
server restart at 6:00 AM

role in th server same as the official servers all pvp allowed in the given time, even admin structure and bases are allowed to be raided

-there will be no admin abuse in any ways

-I really hope that many enjoy the server cuase many= more fun
hope all us survive in this world
( sorry for my bad English)

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