[PS4 - PVP] Looking for a new open PVP server? join us!


New open 40 slot PVP server that just started yesterday.
Clean map meaning plenty of room for you and your friends to find the perfect spot for your base. Admin passwords will never be used for unfair advantages (we experienced some admin abuse and we did not like it :slight_smile: ).
Our focus with this server is to give everybody a pleasant pvp experience where everybody us equal.

PVP and raiding is enabled 24/7

The server multipliers are as follows:

Harvest: 5x
XP: 3x
Crafting time: 0.5
Thrall/pet conversion: 0.5
Resource respawn: 2.5
Thirst and hunger: 0.5
Combat: all default
Equipment is dropped on death and players stay in the world after logging off
Avatars are disabled
Purge is enabled
Server name is:

Open pvp - New server - No admin abuse - 5xp harvest - No Avatars

Server is hosted by g-portal and is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

With all that said feel free to contact us with any questions on PSN or just join if you feel convinced.
Contact: Amagersvinet or EinSchluckMaggi

edit: I forgot to mention that max clan size is 5 so there wont be any big alpha guilds ruling over the server.

pvp arena and dungeon(lvl 60) added: