PS4 New PVP Server Lands of Apocalypto

Friendly new server “Lands of Apocalypto.” This server is a bit immersive.
Welcome Center is available with a host of information and resources like tools weapons and gear. Free crafting tables. There are also two Arenas, One Large Colosseum for Epic battles and a much smaller one for PvP Contest. This is where you can show your prowess in battle. Events are held weekly, they vary from Boss hunt, Scavenger hunt to treasure chest hunt. Decay is off so there is no repairing.
Admins are friendly and willing to help you in your grind and questions you may have.
So Feel free to join “Lands of Apocalypto” for an adventure. Active Admins.

You can join Discord to see what we all about.

Server Stats to be mindful of:

*Keep loot on Death

*Thrall conversion: Instant

*Stamina Unlimited

*Purge level 3