PS4 Official PVE Server Down and Not On Favorites/History List



I can’t confirm because it’s not showing on the list… I THINK it’s 3824 or 3874 though. Would be nice to be able to actually see this to be honest but it’s been down all day.


Mine is down too, 3638 i think, since I can’t see it I can’t be sure, i was thinking it was 38xx, but I am starting to think it was 36xx, because I can’t find ANY 36xx server online at all.


We are on the same server and I think it’s 3839. Still down and not showing up on favorites or history.


You are right, it is 3839… and it’s finally back up! Woohoo!


Yes, I reported it a few times. Lol :smile:


next time you are online, say hi. I would love to meet more people.


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