PS4 Official Server recurring cycle of bugs

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Random game breaking bugs.

  1. Thrall dies when traveling up an elevator to high heights.
  2. Thrall consumes all food that you place in it to reduce weight when returning to base from food collection trip.
  3. Temple disappears when upgrading. (Specifically Set going from level 1 to 2)
    Lost everything inside plus named priest.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Play game.
2.Do something I’ve done before.
3.Game bugs out and I lose something it took me hours to find or collect.
4.I get frustrated because I thought that bug was fixed and I’ve just wasted time that we all have so precious little of with absolutely no way to get compensation.

Hello @R3dh3rr1ng, thank you for reaching out!

The team is aware of the reported issues and they are being looked into, apologies for the frustration.

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