PS4 Private 40 slot no Password---Hardcore Melee PVP 24/7 (no raids, not builder friendly)

Since Raid is broken, and causes a lot of greifing, i wanted to give PS4 players a palce to PVP melee 24/7.

Settings are for hardcore harvesting (slow down the building), and really just a place to build arenas, fight and practice melee. Something different than all out raiding. Maybe, with a solid community, we will have raid days, etc. But really just want a spot for people to swing their weapons on, with out having to be on every day.

will supply a relic hunter only to each new player i let in. With maybe some mats for vetted players to build arena’s around the map.

Also, i will not be a helicopter admin. I may jump on server on occasion to build stuff for stress relief. Other than that, just a place for players to congregate and fight melee. If i get messaged over and over on kiddie stuff, both the griefer and the messenger will be banned. I am not here to babysit, and will remove whiners and greifers equally.