Ps4 server #3522 PvP-C Dieing freezes game and skips respawn selection

Ps4 server #3522 Dieing freezes game and skips respawn selection and drops you off in the desert starter zone every time.


ya its really laggy. you can pull your bracelet usually once in the desert and get the choice.

…and I forget about the bracelet thing. Still annoying when u just hit 1/4 health bar thinking you can pull out and everything freezes and poof butt naked in the desert. And every time i start feet beatin I get the discovered the road achievement feat flash across the screen. Sadly I have discovered that road alot…

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Hey @Jhakl

We’re aware of the sudden lag spike that happens upon character’s death and our team will look into it.
Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Please fix this soon! This server is super laggy and its almost unplayable in combat.

Official server #3522. The purge system need fixing badly. The decay system need tiers of decay for different lvl of building materials. Pls check this problem if it helps, The more materials ( building, base, foundation, ex) the worst the lag, log out and glitches in the server.

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