PS4 Server: Croms Land 18+ Heavy RP- Discord

Hey all! We are getting ready to launch our PVE/PVP server that’s 18+ with HEAVY RP. There is an entire PVE area free from raiding where new players can start and PVE players can be safe. There is a city capital, jobs in the city, Treasure hunts active at all times, side quests, coliseum that will host both PVP events and NPC events with rewards, a Map separating countries from the Conan Lore, Saga’s based off of YOUR RP contributions, economy (1 Gold = 1 Dollar, Silver is considered change), starter currency, Feasts and Gatherings that are hosted by the Capital city rewarding those who attend and RP, and MUCH MUCH MORE! Feel free to check out our discord server and look around. No pressure, you may come and go as you please, we only ask that in the game if you leave, just clean up after yourself. Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you all.

– Cyrus Fox

https:// discord. gg/ ze3kWnr

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