PS4 - The Frozen North (PVP, boosted exp and farming)


Hi everyone, just created a new PVP server for PS4 EU users. Will be active daily along with clans from other servers. Exp and harvesting rates are boosted, gods are enabled, raiding and arena fighting is promoted as well as daily events such as boss fights and admin pre-made bases to practice raiding with rewards inside.

Give it a try out if you like and admin clan members are here to support you if you’re newcomers!

This is a server designed for people who work full time
Rules apply -
Max harvest and exp rates
Minimum craft spend/time
Minimum thrall craft duration
No offline purge
24/7 raiding
No undermeshing
No bully raiding players below level 60
No building over obelisks
No despawning primary resources e.g brimstone, mini bosses etc.
No gank raiding (allied raiding)
Map room placed by each obelisk
Definitely no racism/discrimination/abusive messaging
Have fun!