Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug?
Region: [US]
Warpaint for PS4 is not able to be equipped still. I have tried everything I can think of. It’s really frustrating. I was wondering if this is going to be fixed any time soon?

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Warpaint bug is a known issue since the game came out and sadly hasn’t been patched in the latest patch. Will hopefully get fixed in the next one

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It makes me very sad to hear this heartbreaking news.

As said old bug. Remember to search the forums when posting. This Discourse forum is quite good as it suggests similar posts to yours when typing it out. You should remember to search first then check when typing a new report.

I posted the other bug lol this is a follow up post as seeing I asked this 3 weeks ago. Wanted to know if there was any progress.

It don’t work in the European servers either aswell as light armor

OH Lol you should have bumped your original Bug report instead of posting another. Sorry.

It’s alright lol I didn’t know if you could bump here cuz I know some of the forum sites don’t let you.

LOL I wouldn’t worry about it until you get told not to bump them I always bump old bugs.

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