PS4 Warpaint issue

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug?
Region: [US]
Warpaint for PS4 is not able to be equipped. I have tried everything I can think of. It’s really frustrating.

Same here, but on PS4 we have very various problems, they need to do a HEAVY fixing!

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It sucks cuz it’s one of my journey quests lol
I can’t progress and it’s making me very mad.

Yeah like the equip light armor journey. It’s frustrating.

Same problem for me

This is a known issue on consoles and will be fixed in a future update.


When Andy?

This is not fun anymore, NPCs are invisible in most of camps, journey progress is blocked, sound is horrible laggy…

A lot of bad stuff in fully released game…

WTF Andy, when are we gonna get what we payed?

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