Ps5 issues with DLC and packs/add ons

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Bug Description:I have purchases of all the packs and the siptah DLC for the ps4, not sure how to reproduce this, but none of the packs or siptah are registering on the ps5 at all, i had to install from disc and the Conan exiles works just fine, in fact REALLY well, but it does not read anything else i already have, nor does installing siptah on the ps5. Keeps saying can not be found, despite previously purchasing it.

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Hi @Roesarlo

This seems to be on Sony’s side as they are currently experiencing some issues after the latest 9.50 update.
You can read more here: PS4 / PS5 System update problem - #13 by Dana

Hope this helps!

thank you, i really appreciate knowing that.

The PSN network is working to complete capacity again and yet, still unable to recognize siptah or any of the DLC content purchased from the ps4 to the ps5. Is there any way to get an update on if this issue can be looked into?

Have you restarted your system? Sometimes that helps correct any issues in the connection to your account.

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