Isle Of Siptah Glitch

hi, i was just playing isle of siptah for about an hour or so, and suddenly my game crashed and said i didn’t own the dlc to play on the map? i reloaded conan exiles and it still says i can’t play on it, but i fully downloaded the dlc yesterday. is this happening to anyone else? i’m on ps4

also, when the playstation store loads to send me to buy the isle of siptah, it says this page cannot be found

Hello @scaryshelby, welcome to the forums!

What region are you in?

I can see that the DLC for Siptah available on the US PlayStation Store via the PS4, Mobile App, and Website.

One recommended action, from Sony, is to restore the licenses from the PlaySyation.

[Settings] > [Account Management] > [Restore Licenses]

Hope that helps.

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