Bug: No Longer Allowed on Siptah

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The information this one filled out is not listed below…

Regardless, this one recently had to reinstall Conan Exiles. This one redownload the DLC.
When this one attempts to play on Siptah, the message “You do not own the DLC required to play on The Isle of Siptah” is displayed.
Which is annoying as this one has owned the DLC for quite some time now.

This one has been Exiled from Siptah
Single Player or on Servers Private or Official.
This one is playing the game from a disc on their primary PlayStation.

Edit: When this one checks their add ons, it lists Isle of Siptah as Installed. However, it has the available for download icon.
When this one attempts to download it is waiting to install, however, when this one selects Start, the error:
“Cannot find the application.
Do you want to look in the PlayStation Store?”
Is displayed.

Back in the store, it clearly lists Isle of Siptah as Purchased.

Some one in a earlier today had with siptah I believe he disconnected hdd and did a repair/reset

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Alas, the content cannot be selected at this time.

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I have had to go to play store and repurchase Dlc at no cost for it to work before might be worth a try. @LostBrythunian

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This one is a derp.

The disc this one was using to reinstall was not the original disc.
Somehow, it seems to be a Euro region disc
This one does not have a Euro region PSN account so of course the purchased DLC is incompatible.

All fixed now.

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Glad to see you figured it out. Did give my wife and I a good laugh makes us feel better about the things we do.

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Glad to be of assistance.

This one can offer assurity that it will not be the last time this one has an unintended comedy moment.

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Same here my friend life is a comedy at times the best of times.

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