Isle of Siptah problems

I started a new server for me and my friends for roleplay. I got the Conan Exiles The Isle of Siptah add on and it says that I don’t have the DLC pack for that. And when I try to remake my server to the Siptah map I cannot join it and this message keeps coming up saying "Invalid Map /Game/DLC/EXT/DLC_Siptah/Maps/DLC_Isle_of_Siptah is not a valid map. I bought it off of the Play Station store and I really want to play it! please help :>

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Could just need to refresh your licenses. Or if you are like me I bought the eu version for reasons. Make sure you bought it with the right account. Only 2 I can think of

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Go back to Playstation Store and try to repurchase should show you already own it but sometimes it push DLCs through. Good luck :+1:.

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That helps things often. For awhile we were doing it before going into a game


still no luck! i can only get in my server if I set it to Exile lands! I keep disconnecting

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