Can’t access Isle of Siptah on or offline


I bought the Spitah DLC but have been unable to start a game in either off line or on line mode.

If I try to start a single player off line game I get a message to say that the Siptah map is not valid.

If I try to join an official server the game will attempt to load, then I’ll get a message that I’ve been disconnected from the game.

I’ve restored my licences and made my PS4 my main device again.

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May be a stupid question, did you manually download Siptah after purchasing it?

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I thought I might have to manually download it but couldn’t see a way of doing it. There’s nothing in my library waiting to be installed. I’ve bought Conan Exiles DLC before and that always downloaded automatically. Wouldn’t the game tell me if Isle of Siptah was not installed?

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Thanks for the tip. I found a YouTube vid showing how to find where to do the manual download. I’m doing it now.


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