DLC aren't on my PS5 after transfer from PS4

I recently bought a PS5 & transferred my games & have had no issue accessing the DLC’s on any other game except Conan Exiles.
I’ve bought the DLC’s as they’ve become available, I have not bought the bundles. For some reason it shows that only People of the Dragon, Architects of Argos & Isle of Siptah are purchased. So I’m missing over $100 AUD that I paid for.
Can anyone please help with this, it’s seriously pissing me off.

P.S Isle of Siptah crashes every time I try to use it, what’s up with that?

Here is some information about Siptah crashing-

Regarding your DLC issue. Have you gone to the PS Store?

You might be able to download them again.
If they do not show up as Purchased when you view them in the Store, you may need to contact Sony Customer Support to resolve the issue.

I hope that helps.


I tried but it says I have to re-purchase them.
Otherwise thanks for the help I appreciate it.

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Try restoring licenses. There’s an issue that might say you need to repurchase dlc or games. Restoring them often will reset the issue. If it’s saying you need to buy them again in the PSN store, it’s a bug on Sony’s side, not Funcom’s.

I had this happen a long time ago with an episode of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. It said I hadn’t bought one of them, even though I purchased the pass for all episodes. Restoring the licenses helped fix it.

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Repurchase on owned dlcs should be free have done before and it was. @RedBear .

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Same. Had no issues transferring over dlc. It’s a PSN purchase, not a Funcom one.

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