PS5 performance (fps, viewing/rendering distance)

I’d love to see a proper current generation upgrade for PS5 but at the moment I’m not sure if that’s gonna happen, so I’m asking this, could we at least get a an option to remove 30 fps limit? Maybe increased viewing/rendering distance as well?

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I really hope that they are working on improving the game for the new console. I play both PS5 and PC and the difference is huge.

My PC was decent back then when I assembled it in 2016 and the game start by default settings with med/high graphics and its like a whole new game compared to PS5.

For example at the jungle biome you can see lot of grass everywhere while on console is so limited.
I’d say the game settings for console is set to low. And we know PS5 can handle higher graphics than this.

I don’t see that happening since that would mean yet another version to manage. The only way that I see that would work is if they stopped supporting the PS4.

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