Public Beta Client- Age of Sorcery Performance Patch Discussion Megathread

Show noobs how to play game lol/ give horse a little more ho at least they die way to quick . Battle pass should be able to continue if you join a new server instead of starting over, not sure if they did that this battle pass? If they want to bring character transfers there’s 2 ways either you add surges or events to exiles lands and get siptah gear and armour that way so you don’t have to buy dlc to get it especially if you new to game. Or can only transfer to same map. Can’t cross over to siptah if that character was in exiled lands. They finally coming up with ideas of what we want addressing on camping thank goodness.

character transfers anytime soon? With 3.0 we had backend updates for it, but nothing since then. Been a long time.

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What actually are you talking about? I’m genuinely curious

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Not unfinished walls. I have been playing PVP long enough to know how to plug up a base and especially how important it is to plug up meshable spots in perma structure. I’m not going to ask you to trust me because you won’t anyway.

So I say to you, stop diverting the issues so you can make your claims of “mods” sound more legitimate. You know exactly what they are and how they affect players.

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…to know how to put on VR gear and to know it no longer makes sense, since the VR driver fixes the issue of such hacks.

No I’m not making a mod with VR gear for such immersion with full canon.

I strongly commend the good folks at Funcom for putting a lens squarely on fixes and performance. There is some great fixes listed in this testlive and there is something for everyone. Some standouts for me included:

Great call guys. Every bit helps.

That will be very welcome relief for our PvP community. Nice.

That is a massive personal thankyou for this one. Once it goes live I will be sure to let you all know if it did the trick on ps5.

Another one which will be of personal benefit to me. Woohoo I can now bolster defensive ranks on the western side of my base once more. Reinforcements will soon arrive. In addition, for those of us on Singleplayer mode or Private Servers who enjoy using followers, we can now have 1 (…or 2) follow us while we carry another one and place him down inside dungeons again! Thats potentially a 3 man war party.

Great idea for an often raised concern!

Hmmm. Colour me curious.

Aaand that should compliament them nicely.


For about a minute :rofl:

Is this really worth my effort? Is anything actually going to get fixed? Will my pet peeve ever be addressed?

My opinion funcom needs to put all hands an a major QoA update. You don’t need this to see what the issues are, just read the forum.

Logging in to test now. But I have no reason to believe my reports will make any sort of difference.

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Lots of awesome stuff there. Here are some that I’m especially thankful for:

Thanks for all of those! :smiley:

Now, a few things that seem to be missing:

Any chance we’ll see these addressed in this upcoming patch?


Nice to see some more bug fixes!

There is a weird animation cut or somat in the pickaxe animation, where it turns the character around mid-animation - happens when you start mining with watching into the characters face instead of forward. If you try it with a weapon you do the hitting animation in that direction where you look, with pickaxe you can turn around and it swaps mid-animation into the hit direction. ← rotatable stationary cam needs to be on, and controller style movement off.

Would appreciate it if you could unlock the bazaar /battle pass items on that beta build so we can test them, since they are part of the game and currently have a lot of issues. Would be as well a good thing for content creators to showcase these items for free. :slight_smile:

Why is someone flagging this? I don’t get it.


Soooo is there anyway consoles can test this stuff out?


Agreed. Stating what to look for as a sign of hacking is very helpful to all.

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Wrote a post about poor performance issues in the general threads and nobody replied or digested the info. (non public beta)

This might just be my bad luck instead of a bug but I’ve bought working (crafting) thralls from the head hunter slavers and gotten the same performer 5 times in a row. I’ve used the same slaver camp 3 times and 2 others and he came up every time. If I bought 2 at a time I got the alchemist to go with him. This didn’t happen at first but in the past week I got the 5 dancers in a row.

Fortunately I haven’t had most of the performance issues listed here but that might be because The head hunters is the only event/encounter that has appeared since chapter 2 began.

I haven’t had access to bazaar/battle pass since I got on testlive (now known as Public Beta Client) so no performance issues there either. Hard to test what you can’t play.

Yayyyy, the last attack with a 1H sword+shield will be usable? Noice.


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