Public Beta Client- Age of Sorcery Performance Patch Discussion Megathread

There is a weird animation cut or somat in the pickaxe animation, where it turns the character around mid-animation - happens when you start mining with watching into the characters face instead of forward. If you try it with a weapon you do the hitting animation in that direction where you look, with pickaxe you can turn around and it swaps mid-animation into the hit direction. ← rotatable stationary cam needs to be on, and controller style movement off.

Would appreciate it if you could unlock the bazaar /battle pass items on that beta build so we can test them, since they are part of the game and currently have a lot of issues. Would be as well a good thing for content creators to showcase these items for free. :slight_smile:

Why is someone flagging this? I don’t get it.


Soooo is there anyway consoles can test this stuff out?


Agreed. Stating what to look for as a sign of hacking is very helpful to all.

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Wrote a post about poor performance issues in the general threads and nobody replied or digested the info. (non public beta)

This might just be my bad luck instead of a bug but I’ve bought working (crafting) thralls from the head hunter slavers and gotten the same performer 5 times in a row. I’ve used the same slaver camp 3 times and 2 others and he came up every time. If I bought 2 at a time I got the alchemist to go with him. This didn’t happen at first but in the past week I got the 5 dancers in a row.

Fortunately I haven’t had most of the performance issues listed here but that might be because The head hunters is the only event/encounter that has appeared since chapter 2 began.

I haven’t had access to bazaar/battle pass since I got on testlive (now known as Public Beta Client) so no performance issues there either. Hard to test what you can’t play.

Yayyyy, the last attack with a 1H sword+shield will be usable? Noice.


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If only there were some way I could assist with testing on console, I would gladly pitch in and lend a hand.