Public Server Nazarick ENG, CZ, SK speaking people, PVP, PVE + Events, EEWA

Server is modded - custom ui, lvl cap 350 (enemies and dungeon rebalanced for lvl 0-300), new leveling system and mechanicks (faster start, normal midgame, slower endgame), new traits and god trait system, enchantings and gem socketing, market system, new enemies, new dungeons, new areas, new endgame content, new npcs (many of them - mean the friendly ones), better animations, lesser restrictions for building (you can build on water, but physics still works so you must start build from the bottom of the water area), more items for customization, new taming pets and options for them and many things for extending endgame content.

Server name will be Nazarick.

Password: 5zfSRQV4

Anti-cheat will be ON, if anyone will try it anyway prepare for 3 ways of punishemnt:

    1. 24H timeout
    1. 7 days timeout
    1. Perma-ban (Blacklist)



Max Capacity 20 (Actually - 18 Slots left)

Support Link: Steam > Conan Exiles > Discussions > Community Servers > “Public Server Nazarick…”

If everyone gib at least 2 euro i can rent bigger and faster server.

Thx for support