Purg is not running

Since the release of the pet system patch Purg is not running on server SA # 1986 someone in the administration knows to answer why?

Resets after each server restart, pretty annoying

Wells don’t refill
Thrall food timers reset

They’re looking into it… but its ■■■■■■■ a lot of players off “again”, because another issue came above water.
Seamless updates, that’ll be great

One more thing, when disabling or enabling door auto close the next day you have to do it again

When adding a large que in any crafting station when server restart will stop crafting, in this time the material that was being crafted will dissapear after server restart, luckely only the one thats being crafted, the rest will remain

Sample: When creating steelfire 100 brim + 100 tar you will lose 1 brim and 1 tar, its not that bad, only a bit annoying when you want numbers like 100 each time

They fixed the thrall breaking reset though

Having the same issue on our official pve server. We manage to get the purge bar to gain while playing but the next day its reset to 0. Theres been no purges. It keeps resetting to 0 no matter how active or inactive we have been. We had weekly purges going on until they ‘fixed’ the purge.

No it has nothing to do with server restarts. There’s a million threads here about the purge being totally broken on many servers.

It is broken I don’t deny it do I?

But now the bar resets each time server restarts, so its even more broken atm then it was before

Please bring out another DLC, we really need it and want it…
Purges is just annoying…

And why dont you have some choices of beer in the game?

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