Purge meter resets at server restart


So i am curious if anyone has this problem.
Purge worked fine before the first Jhebbal Sag update, but after that update purge bar seems to reset at server restart. We are playing on a private server so talked to admin and had him lower purge stats so we can manage to fill up the bar with some grinding, currently set at 1 on update and 21000 on trigger value.
When we logged off yesterday purge bar was halfway to the first mark, but upon logging in today purgemeter is empty and starts refilling slowly as we do different ingame actions. Has anyone had a problem with this or know of a fix?
Also curious about what actions fill the purge bar faster, what is the best thing to do to fill purge bar?

Purge meter issues are being looked into. Search the forum for ‘stuck purge meter’ on Latest post for reference.

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