The Purge Meter Fills up too quick?

Hello, I’m currently playing on official server #1043 (PVE-C) and I have questions reguarding the purge meter. Is it normal for it to not reset to zero when a purge happen ?
For me it go back to 1/3 of the total bar making me wonder why it’s not at zero…

Plus the purge meter fills really fast. I get a purge every two to three days now… Is it normal once again ? It’s kind of annoying to have to keep watching for it so often…

I’m jealous.

I’ve had 1 purge in the last 12 months and to get that I had to build a whole lot of stuff neither I nor the server needs. Plus I had to kill about a million npc that probably didn’t deserve it.

Still can’t understand why the meter drops if your not playing often enough.

Depends on the size of the clan and level of activity.

Most people reading this will probably be jealous. 8 straight days of 4+ hours a day, farming NPCs, thrall taking, building t3, and my meter is just now 1/3 full.

Because Purges are hard on the server, and they intentionally made them (very) hard to trigger on official servers.
Yes, I think it’s a pity, too.

Well you may be jealous but having to stand guard every two days is kinda annoying… Plus I loose some npc at each attack and I’m constantly in need of new slaves thus…

I had a purge at Friday and on Sunday I was at 50% again… I play alone (until the new Dungeon comes).

But yeah, I also had that one time. With the gorillas… Killing the gorillas in the purge raised the bar up to 1/3.
This time the Snakes didnt make that much… I just farmed UC like crazy and then helped some clan leveling up :smiley:

Yeah well, for me, the moment the purge has ended it’s already 1/3 full…

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