Purge spawn inside my mainbase

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After the last update when we got purge in Siptah i got a Harpy Purge. And that purge spawned right inside my base in a small room :). That was not so fun, 6-10 Harpys can make a big damage and they did.

It would be very nice if you could make so they don’t spawn inside, here is the coordinates.
x -270.037 y 1.116 z -15.297

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  1. Purge started
  2. Harpys spawned inside my base
  3. Did good damage
  4. Spawn area coordinates, see above

There is always a possibility that the spawn point will be your base. Either the spawn system cannot find a path and chooses that, or your base was one of the random selections. The probability is low, but never zero. This has been in the purge mechanics at least since the game left EA.

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