PVE Servers Down

From what I can see there are a handful of servers including mine #3725 that are down?
Game mode: Online | Singleplayer
Problem: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: [#3725 PVE Official server]

Are they doing anything to get these servers back up?

Repro steps:

Same issue - not sure if server is down or just not appearing in the list.

Looks like as far as the “372” series is concerned only 3728 & 3729 is online. Haven’t been able to play all morning what is going on?

3725 is down for me too, not even showing on the list

Same here - server #3727 has been down all day.

Same here for 3725 … btw anyone on 3725 need a clan member?

3727 still down

We are looking for one. Bamf n KitKat is player name in clan Haven if the server ever comes back up

Even the one I play #3762 is gone. And then my internet craps out on me.

3042 down ? impossible de le retrouvé

Just saw 3725 & 3726 was back up- didn’t try to get in though gotta go to work!

3727 is gone again…