PVP server became PVE #1985 SA ?!



Today the server #1985 South America stayed offline during all day after the daily reset at 6:00 am (Brazil region time). When it came back, almost 5:30 PM the server settings were different.
Now the PVP is set as FALSE and the drop rate is x1. The server is also on the PVE list.

We got a solid PVP community running on this server and we need some feedback.

Server #1985 SA (originally PvP) has different settings than expected
The server spent a few hours off, and on rebooting came back with the settings changed. before it was PVP, now it is PVE
Pvp #1985 down!

We demand the settings to be set back to it’s original one!


Thank you for notifying us of this. We’ll be looking into it right away.


Hello, @Nossos, it past 5 hours without any modification, any news about it?


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