Server #1985 SA (originally PvP) has different settings than expected



Today when I first came to log into the server, I was unable to connect to it manually like I usually do. Me and my whole clan shared the same issue. After we managed a workaround on it and finally connected, we realised that the server was turned into PvE and 1x harvest and exp (and was previously 2x on both).
What I ask is for you to take notice on this possible bug/misconfiguration and correct it as soon as possible so we can get back to our normal gameplay and also have fun once again.
My sincere thanks,
Zven Ragnarsson.

The server spent a few hours off, and on rebooting came back with the settings changed. before it was PVP, now it is PVE

Acabei de fazer um tópico sobre isso!

Espero q nossa batalha possa continuar em breve.

■■■. ALT

Pvp #1985 down!

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