PVP with PVE safe ZONE UK/EU

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London based UK/EU PC server for people who likes to enjoy game in better perfomance.

Server is runing 60FPS, so no missing actions like on servers where 30FPS max, every time 30fps is missing… expample: you runing ur pc on 60+fps , and server can read all what u do is 30fps, so another 30fps is missing gaps in your gameplay (screen), not all detailed movements or actions will be visible to you as server cant do it faster.

No wipes, unless official ones will be wiped due to big updates. In this case same day and first saturday Max XP settings will be applied for 1 hour to get your lvl back to what it was or maybe higher.

Starter pack is given by asking admin. ( 100t3 foundations-walls-ceilings, x1 tools, if wipe happened! So you wont waste time getting your building back because of wipe.)

Server name: PVP with PVE safe ZONE UK/EU
Direct Connect:

Shorter nights and longer days
Stamina x2
XP x3
Harvest x4.5
Thralls 0.2
Crafting 0.2
NPCs damage 1.5 (stronger)
NPCs taken damage 0.5 ( you deal half damage than default)
Open Maprooms is set through map on locations or close to obelisks by admin.

6 hours raid time and purge. 16:00-22:00
14 hour raid time and purge. 10:00-00:00
(This is UK time)

Purge is increased to maximimum strength and shows up very soon.
Better location you choose, stronger purge will be and more named thralls show up.
Default 80k actions
Settings set at ~3K actions for purge meter to fill.

PVE land is negotiable, please check PVE map in discord. A place where no one alowed to attack, raid 24/7.

Pop in, it is a quick server, no admin abuse, perfomance is best at any server you find.
40 slots server, if populated, upgrade is happening.

It is 60FPS server with M.2 SATA (PCIe SSD) - V - NAND 2017 500% BOOST and 4GHz+ ( Ultra Perfomance )