Q&A Thread About Follower Levels and Follower Limit

^^^ That sounds awesome, thank you!

Will we have a grace period during which to manually cull our thralls & pets using the new Break Bonds features? If not, then that means there’s going to be a LOT of volcano trips in store for established players.

Really hope you can give us at least a week or two of leeway here to sort things out via Break Bonds, it would be hugely frustrating to login patch day to find and Erii the Ravager with God Breaker armor randomly deleted while our first Thugra in non-epic DLC armor is still lurking around.


I have to search all bearers again… Making that thing not retroactive is by far the worst idea Funcom had in a long time… And honestly I cannot understand it AT ALL!!!

This non retroactive things on SUCH A FEATURE and on THRALLS, just feels like a big slap in the face. I understand something like this in a BETA… But seriously?
People who played the game have to invest time again to have same features like someone who will start new in December.

Who comes up with such a bad idea???


I do agree. My Spinas as killed so many bosses, and when I say “so many”, he has at least killed one hundred bosses. But no, he’ll probably be bad and I’ll have to farm him again.

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It would be really great. I have more than 200 thralls and dozens of pets. Please, help us to keep only those we wnat


Thats the next thing!! My daily thralls (Dono and Dacias) with who I have a big history, are practically worthless after the patch…

I can break the bounds or have a weaker thrall… Again at Funcom, did you ever think about that?? Did NO ONE (in meetings) ever said, it would be a BAD idea to NOT have that retroactive?

If you would play the game like a big majority of your playerbase, you would understand that enough people have favorite thralls. Just LOOK at enough threads here, were players are sharing their stories with their thralls or pets!!

And yet you still IGNORE that…


The large clans that put a ton of work into their bases and those large bases require a large number of followers to defend the base. What are those clans supposed to do? Do you pat them on the back and wish them the best of luck? Do they have to split the clan up just so everyone’s smaller base can have more thralls to defend it? I understand trying to clear up server lag on consoles but people dedicated a ton of time to these structures. Some of them have withstood assaults for years. Now all these defenders are going to start randomly vanishing? This is crap…


I suggest starting a head count now, and I’d recommend using thrall pots/feed boxes to help you. Example: Got a bright idea a couple months ago to put jade crocodiles under the water in the Oasis of Nekhet area (whoopsie), got cold sweats reading @Larathiel’s post, imagining 10 troll crocs getting my beloveds culled. Can’t get into my official right now, but I just tested it on a private, and I was successful playing minesweeper by placing a Feed Box on the shore.

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Build a palisade at artisan bench. Place the palisade. Place up to 3 followers on said palisade. Look followers slowly bleed to death.

caveat : followers imune to bleed can’t be killed that way.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Then it wouldnt be extra written that it is not retroactive… Like I wrote in the wine-cellar patch bug nightmare… Its best to come back in this game in ~1year. Maybe then such strange patches are not “normal” and most bugs are gone from the game.

It just feels like a beta with such changes.

PS.: And no, i cannot calm down. This is just the most stupidest idea I have seen in a long time and honestly everyone in Funcom who had no problems with “its not retroactive” should switch to another game, because they have 0,0 connection to their playerbase.

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I don’t care if i loose all my legacy thralls. As long as we get a better thing to play with - which we are getting - i’m totally fine with it. A renewed experience. New history to build with possibly other NPCs. It’s great !


EDIT: Will PvE and PvP have separate limits imposed? PvE rarely has people covering the whole map like the PvP scenario described.

The bigger problem we have are the 100s of orphaned thralls from departed clans remaining months after their last login (despite the supposed 15-day decay rule). Will this also be addressing the thrall decay system and the fact that it works only intermittently?

As a PvE player I’m trying to wrap my head around such a low cap on the number of thralls we can have.

Maybe it’s different in PvP, but in PvE it’s typical for each member of a clan to want to build their own base. After all, building is one of the prime attractions of this game, and I can tell you from painful personal experience that it can be disastrous [to even a long-time friendship] if two clan members have differing creative visions for a single base — it just doesn’t work.

Realistically then, I see this change dramatically increasing intra-clan conflicts, because if one person over-builds and over-populates, they are going to severely limit everyone else, and the minute someone starts culling their thralls… Well, people can get very impassioned about what happens to their virtual belongings.

Effectively, this disincentivizes clanning-up on PvE servers, while encouraging the creation of alt-accounts to milk the per-member cap increase. While I suppose my clanmate and best-friend would be OK with us splitting into two clans, without any means to separate his bases out from mine, that effectively means that one of us would lose all of their buildings. Given that I’m much more invested in CE than he is at this point, there’s a good chance of him throwing in the towel and simply retiring.

Anyway, that’s enough stream of consciousness musing for now I suppose, but I’m just trying to wrap my head around the logistics of having only ~30 thralls a-piece in a 2-man clan, let alone a meager 10-thrall ration for a full clan.

Back to the Q & A: Is that a return-to-inventory icon I see on the follower’s radial menu? If so, that would be a big help in getting things sorted if a clan needs to disband.


I think this is a wonderful change and I really hope that Funcom doesn’t back down from the essential premise despite all the pleas of mercy from collectors.


Will this limit apply to PvE? Because I have only read PvP now.

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These are really exciting news, a leveling system is a great addition for longtime motivation.
I would like you to consider two suggestions, which would fit to this new system:

  1. As with Pets I would like to name also my Thralls
  2. Please give us a valid and separate setup for the Serversettings.ini for MinionDamageMultiplier and MinionDamageTakenMultiplier and MinionHealthMultiplier.:pray:t3: Actually it is bound the setup of the NPC entries.
    I will hold my fingers crossed and I will still stay with you and this really great game.:+1:

Thats the “place guard” thing… Nothing new.

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I am in a clan of 8. We all have individual bases, and therefor individual defenses. Some are pets, some are thralls…some high level and some low level.

Which thralls and/or pets take priority when being deleted? Will a low level scorpion survive but a relic hunter will die? My main base alone has over 400 thralls and pets…you say that “no one should have that many as a means to lag out other players”, yet there are easy ways to deal with them. How is it fair for you to delete my defenses when there is already means for players to kill them?

When this is implemented, and the laggy servers and slow base loading times are still present, will there be an apology for destroying so many peoples hard work, and will you then fix the actual issues with the lag?

Which will help about lags because of huge bases? Oh, nothing… Because the rendering alone makes enough lags. Often its so bad, that thralls wont attack you anyway.

Stronger/better server would be better solution, but that would cost money for having them…


I’m with you!

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In my base is a tower which cannot render to the end, as he reachs high up the sky. My whole base is a lagfest anyway and only have max 60 thralls & pets there.

1km on the other side a clan has a massive base, also with all altars. The same lag fest, besides having close to zero thralls.
Altars are also a big factor with their light beam…

The thing is, I have around ~9mini bases (with public maprooms). All protected by 4-6 thralls. Thats ~45 thralls for bases which arent my mainbase…

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The idea of thalls leveling is fine however adding a lvl cap to how many thralls you have is NOT!!!
Especially since all my thralls over 100 spread out over all my bases will just vanish and lose all their gear I worked hard to make them. This is just a horrible idea.
This is not early release boys. If my thralls starting vanishing because of this update you will for sure lose 10 more people from this game. We vote NO