Is it true were getting a new thrall system

I have heard rumors that we are getting a new thrall system any ideas when that’s coming out

Hey there,

There may be more improvements in thrall AI possible. Changing the thrall system itself is less likely to happen. For upcoming features see Additional details on mentioned upcoming features should be contributed when mentioned, but are not always disclosed (or available). The only contributor to the page is myself unfortunately. Anyone is free to contribute (no registration required).

Just a friendly note, General Discussion is open to all devices etc. It should be used when the topic is not an in-game bug/glitch.

PS: I’m not a moderator. Moderator posts are marked with green highlight.

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Hello @Silvercoon, we’re moving this post to General Discussion as its not an issue report.

We’re unable to share an ETA at this time, but it’s coming in the near future.

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Hey again,

For more information, see

Once you’ve read it, you may get in there with some questions on the system you are/were interested in:

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This new system seems like it may be pushing all players away from the game and can you guys afford to lose that many of your base I hope it’s not going to but I’m debating whether all still be around after this


Funcom welcomes feedback on the new and upcoming features. Tell them what you think of the system, and what you consider its weaknesses. Don’t presume to speak for “all players” or how others will react to the update.

I’m a Solo player. I can tell my game to ignore the new restrictions. I’ll be fine. But thank you for your concern.

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Will pets be updated so you can heal them with healing arrows ?

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Please continue any discussions about this topic on this thread.