Thrall Grouping

I really enjoy this game! It’s a great sandox warfare and adventure game. But one thing I’d like to see is a “link” option for followers to be moved as a group like in RTS games so that we can move an army faster. At least 5 at a time. ^-^

The idea is incredible, and surely we all think about it EVERY DAY, years ago, but they are limiting the game, and a ridiculously low limit, as you think they will raise the limit of something in a moment of full play. ?

It would be really amazing! but I don’t believe there is a chance of happening which is a shame everybody is very concerned about the future of the game and especially how much that will be “added” to the game will be worth the sacrificial GIANT being imposed on it (especially for PVE where slaves are not killed by other players and with that we do not need to add new slaves to those who have been killed at all times).

I hope in the end it will be all right and funcom will have to work hard for it, I hope they are really well planned to keep us “satisfied / motivated” after that moment of “controversy” that took away the “positive” focus that we all had the mounts … which is no longer spoken after the limit of 55 slaves.

Well that’s it, now only the future will say, I believe Conan is very important for funcom, even more important than for us, let’s see what will happen.

Good point, but even with a limit of 55, I’d still like the option to move groups of thralls together rather than one at a time.

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