Quest bug-Ymirs Pass, The Vale of Lost women

In the Caravan of Debauchery quest I found all of the girls except Argirse. I found her tower but as I was solo going up the tower she was running down the stairs pass me. Then another solo player runs down. No big deal right I will just wait until she respawns, but she never does. I even logged out of the game went on other quest and came back and she will not respawn. Its a long quest and I dont want to have to redo the whole thing by deleting it and starting over. Does anyone know of a work around for this?

i moved 0n no correction

Looks like the instance has to reset so you come into a new fresh instance. Maybe try it in epic instance but on a higher level so the mobs dont attack you. Or take a look here and then to Ymirs Pass maybe you are lucky and come into a new instance.

Thank You Bill that actually sounds like it would have worked but I deleted the quest in frustration lol. In Atzel now.