Question about decay timers

Based on this Summer decay timers extended
Either i am blind… ( i am on bad eyesight yes thats why asking )


Where is announcement that timers again is back to 160 H and i lost some buildings thanks to that? :frowning:

On that post there is basically " stays 14 days until further notice"
Today i join and buildings are back to 160 but i dont see any notification!


It’s funny, because in the settings for degrading the server it says 15 days, which is equal to 360 hours!
I had this happen on the official server #1214 PVE-C, lost a few chests with high lvl loot because the decay time changed to 168 hours (that’s 7 days)!
In addition, I’m tired of updating the decay time of the PVE-C chests that are on the shelves along the wall!
The fact is that the foundation counter resets when a player is nearby, but the chest counter continues to move forward.

I will submit a new bug report on this issue.

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As promised, I created a bug report, it also mentioned you:
Chest decay counter bug/Global decay counter on Official Online PVE-C

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