Does anyone know why my decay wont reset?

playing on pve conflict server, i was told all you need to do is be near it, yet here i am standing ontop of a foundation that only has 13 hours left, chests with 100 hours left, some walls with 144 hours left otthers with 130 hours left

When you first log in it will show the timer you had left before you logged but just log out and back in and it should go back up again assuming your building is big enough and had the 144 hours.

but i have multiple different timestamps on things all within 8 squares from eachother, for exmple one of my loot chests decay in 105 hours, my bed decays in 128 hours, altar decays in 79 hours, foundations decaying at 13hours, 70hours, 130hours, 144 hours

The more of your building that are connected, the more timer it adds in total for all of them.

yes, and to reset the timer all you need to do is login and walk by it. correct?

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