Question about survival spec

Every point in strength gives dmg, every point in agil gives armor, grit gives stam etc - what does the passive point gain of Survival give it’s not very clear?

“Survival measures your ability to live in harsh conditions. It affects how easily you metabolize food.”

  • What qualifies as ‘harsh conditions’
  • What does metabolizing do in game? I’m unable to see any different effects when eating with this spec… not for healing amount, not for heal rate and not even for hunger…

basically when you are full on your hunger and thrist meter it will decrease more slowly rather then quick. but that ten point is god tier of eatting meat

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The only time I personally use the survival points is when I’m harvesting. Makes it so much faster.

The only thing I could see each point in survival doing is it lowers the need for eating and drinking as much. But you’re not going to see a difference between say 5 points and 8 points.

To be honest I haven’t seen much difference between 10 and 20.

My recommendation is only put points in survival as much as you need for the Perks you want out of it. Which are thankfully decent enough to warrant getting depending on what you are doing.

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