Questions about horses

[Edit] : Looks like the saddles on horses affect stamina cost upon hit , not the actual health of them.
Wak4863 did a very informative video about it.
Still, I’m wondering whether the horse armors/saddles are going to effect their direct health in the future.

Q1: Seems like saddle types do not affect armor values on horses
Will there be changes to this?

Light , heavy , savage saddle equipped horses with two swings with obsidian sword.

Q2: All my horses have manes on only one side, flat with no motion. Is this natural?

I checked 3 horses each with a different saddle and all level 0 and they do in fact all have a 53 armor, but when I check my level 12 horse with a heavy saddle I see 261 Armor.

It is hard to tell for me from the post and images. Are you testing between light, medium, and heavy; or, between Aquilonian Scout, Savage Cavalry, and Heavy warhorse?

The first three are levels 20, 40, and 60 saddles. The last three are all level 60 saddles.

I think every horses on level 0 has base armor of 53 with or without saddles.
and the 261 Armor comes from increased agility of the level 12 horse.

I’ve compared every saddle (except DLC ones) equipped on same leveled , individual horses and measured damage done to them. All of the saddles seems to have no damage negation on horses, As I’ve found that a horse with no saddle on takes the same damage as ones equipped.

@Hugo - I just tested all of the saddles (20, 40, 60 including Aquilionian and Savage) on a level 0 Horse and all armor provides 53.

When those same saddles (20, 40, 60 including Aquilonian and Savage) on a level 12 Horse and all armor provides 261.

I selected the armor so you can read the description in the two screenshots.

I wonder if that is intended. It seems odd that three tiers of the same saddle type would have no impact. Makes you wonder why bother crafting the higher tiers except for aesthetics.

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