Guide to Saddles

There has been some confusion I noticed regarding horse saddles as people are unsure of the differences between them or how big those differences are. I have also had to go searching for the differences myself.
This guide is based on a video by just horse and other research.

Non DLC saddles


Armor: 32
Durability: 190
Weight: 5.25

Stamina= 25%
Speed= 16.47seconds
Acceleration= good
Handling= great
Dmg resist= bad
Good for Stamina and Speed


Armor: 134
Durability: 290
Weight: 18.38

Stamina= 50%
Speed= 16.06 seconds
Acceleration= great
Handling= bad
Dmg resist= good
Good for Acceleration and Speed


Armor: 320
Durability: 385
Weight: 28.35

Stamina= 47%
Speed= 17.30seconds
Acceleration= bad
Handling= great
Dmg resist= great
Good for Damage resistance

DLC Saddles

1. Noble same as Aquilonian
2. Turan, Khitai Scout, Yamatai same as Savage
3. Politain, Silent Legion same as Warhorse

I have not yet noticed a difference between light, medium and heavy warhorse saddles , any light shed on this is welcome

To explain the stats:
The Stamina and speed are both based on the same distance in different saddles.
Lower Stamina % means horse uses less endurance to cover the same distance.
The seconds is how long it takes to cover the same distance. So less time is faster.


Seen this video before, good idea share this information here. I find it surprising many people still have no idea saddles have different aspects and impact greately in the horse speed and maneuverability. I always suggest people to try the Aquilonian/Scout saddle if they are jumping in a horse for the first time, it is the easiest one to use.

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